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SLX Studios

Create Learning Videos

Create learning videos that inspire. Our educational video services allow you to bring your expertise to a wider audience through high-quality content that will keep your learners engaged. Discover our offers for lecture recording, animation and visualisations.

SLX Communities

Build a Community

We develop communities that provide people with a sense of belonging and a network of people that they can connect with based on shared interests and goals. Our collective experience and tools will help you create, connect, share, engage and grow your community.

SLX Promotion

Reach your Audience

Digital Learning has the potential to reach a wide audience. Promote your brand and raise awareness through targeted digital marketing. Cross promote your content on other platforms to reach more people. Create promotional content for your brand, your services and your community.

Swiss learning exchange blended learning

SLX Hosting

Digital Learning Content Hosting

Our technology solution will give you an easy to use hosting platform for all of your digital learning content. Compatible with all standard LMS formats, SLX Hosting provides easy migration from any existing content libraries, as well as easy content authoring for complete online courses.

Swiss learning exchange blended learning

SLX Learning Marketplace

Join a Learning Marketplace

On the SLX Learning Marketplace, you are able to sell your courses on an international level. Whether you're providing online self-paced courses, virtual lectures, or even classroom courses, the Marketplace lets you list all of your courses and make them discoverable by a large audience.

SLX Consulting

SLX Consulting

Take the Next Step

We will guide you on your journey towards harnessing digital technology for education. Whether you’re an educational institution, a business in need of corporate learning, or a government body, we are here to help you navigate the world of EdTech and educational media.


The world is truly your oyster with SLX. Never miss out on our videos on sustainabilty and internationalisation. Visit our YouTube Channel , watch our videos and check your critical thinking! When you subscribe to our channel, click on the BELL to stay notified about our upcoming videos.