1 Commentaire to “ Why Davos has such little impact, and how to fix it”

  1. R. Nicolas a écrit :

    Dear Rajan, You are so right. I can see and hear this occident lie. We European easily point out corruption, misery, health, Its terrible in fact. Was this « scientific revolution » so necessary at the end? We are in tis world, and I think even the developing countries are now believing this false idea, even more terrible.

    As any belief that separates us, humans, nature, cosmic stuff, its very difficult to change ! The belief that humans are not nature, and that progress and economic growth should continue no matter what is leading us to a dead end, civilization crush also, I hope.

    As these beliefs are deep inside our brains, very little people want to change the way education goes. Its possible sometimes, by not choosing too much real content and doing so we have to reduce our message to something very small (eg : pollution is bad …), its not enough of course but if you put more content adults get offended !!! I tried to enter schools to do philosofical talks with kids, to enlarge their view about the world, almost nobody interested. BECAUSE, if you put out the belief, if kids don’t act SELFISH and according to all the violence and stupidity of our society, they MIGHT not find job, they MIGHT stay out of society…. true not true, most all parents and teachers believe in this… Id love to read you back. Nico