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Experiential learning
Effective learning comes from more than just having the most experienced teacher/trainer with the right course material. It’s also about how they are able to create an experience for the learners that enables these lessons to really stick – and that’s where experiential learning comes in. What is experiential learning? Introduced by David A. Kolb,
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A guide to create online courses in India
They say teaching is performance art, and it is always the instructor’s job to ensure that the audience understands the material. But when your audience is broad, it can be challenging to execute this. The same is true for anyone looking to create courses online.    The online education world is growing very quickly in India. Here, anyone
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With emerging technologies and changing trends, employee training and upskilling programs have become a must. Microlearning is one of the best ways to do this due to its simplicity, adaptability and relevance. Here are some reasons you should adopt microlearning while designing e-learning courses: It is adaptable for a wide variety of devices Microlearning is
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Create instructional videos with SLX Studios
In the fascinating world of multimedia, there is no denying that videos are the most effective tool in our arsenal. Powerful videos can convey your message, are fun to watch and are now completely accessible. Whether you are a digital course creator or someone with knowledge to share, our top-of-the-line video production services are exactly
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learning styles
No two students are the same – they think, emote and learn differently. However, over the last century, many learning models were developed to understand how learners tend to absorb information. One popular model that emerged was the VARK model, that categorised students by four main learning styles – Visual, Auditory, Reading, and Kinaesthetic. Not
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As businesses look to become more environmentally friendly, banks are also taking the leap to become greener. Banks are now adopting green finance and investing heavily into sustainable practices and businesses rather than seeking a traditional profit-minded approach. Some financial products that banks offer (and that you might have used) include: Green bonds These are