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Fun Fäctli: In Swiss German, the diminutive suffix "-li" is often added to words to signify "small" or "short".

Swiss Learning Exchange Sustainable Development Goals Plastic

5 ways to reduce single-use plastic

Become aware and take action to protect our environment! Here are 5 easy ways
Swiss Learning Exchange Sustainable Development Goals Durabilité

How the Swiss exchange clothes.

Reusing is a great way and Swiss show you how!

Are Indians Unreliable?

The perception of Time is an important culture aspect.

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Friday, 20 March 2020 / Published in Fäctli, SLX Videos, Uncategorized, Vlog
Racism - Pyramid of Hate
We are living in exceptional times. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, there are reports of racism against the Chinese. Awareness about colonization and racism helps us understand how some of the global inequities of today came to be Here are some ways you can act against racism.
Sunday, 20 October 2019 / Published in General News, Technology
Swiss learning exchange blended learning Future of learning
by Ulrik Juul Christensen Education companies continue to tout the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to greatly improve learning among students at all levels. While AI is being tested today in select applications, such as “intelligent tutors” and so-called “smart content,” many of the promises of what this advanced technology can do in education remain largely
Saturday, 12 October 2019 / Published in Globalisation, SLX Videos
Negotiate across cultures University of Neuchâtel
The economic environment has become globalized and internationalized in recent decades. Companies or governments are in continuous contact with a multitude of countries whose customs, mores, ways of doing business, communicating and negotiating can be very different from the way we operate. To make the most of opportunities to connect with other partners, it is important to understand the differences and prepare for these meetings and exchanges.
Digital India
Gandhi sustainablity
Creating value exchange people globalisation

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