CAS - Business Analytics for Managers

Certificate of Advanced Studies

Business Analytics for Managers

Business analytics is the use of an organisation’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis, to drive data driven decision-making. With insights from past experience, companies can use these figures to project, optimise and even automate their business processes. This helps organisations maximise corporate assets, driving their competitive advantage.

However, successful business analytics hinges on three pillars namely data quality, skilled analysts who understand the technology and organizational commitment to data-driven decision making.

This course forms the foundation to build up (i) Mathematical And Analytical Skill, and (ii) Computing And Domain Knowledge, the underpinnings to business analytics competency. This interactive course serves as the primer for middle managers to understand the application of business analytics to create business value and competitiveness.
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Target Audience:

This course is designed primarily for:
  1. Managers in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises.
  2. Those keen on acquiring and understanding the applicable use of business analytics in your business value chain.
  3. This certification is open to participants of all industry sectors.

Qualification Awarded:

Participants will be awarded the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Business Analytics for Managers after the conclusion of this course.


Training Costs:

Fees for the course amount to CHF 9,800- per person. You have the flexibility to complete the following two parts in a 12 months period. 
This CAS will include:
  1. 50 hours of Online lessons  
  2. 10 weeks of 3hrs interactive classroom sessions


HEG’ programmes are characterized by intellectual rigour and integrated learning. They are designed to nurture a passion for inquiry and to provide you with the tools to tackle business challenges with confidence and creativity. Participants will need to be:
  • Proficient in English
  • Have a work experience of 5 years or more.


  • Online content allows for flexible and self-paced learning, in order to reduce time away from work.
  • Classroom-based sessions will be held in HEG, Fribourg.
  • Classes are held every Saturday and will last a total of 10 weeks.

Important Dates and Application Deadline

  1. Registration ends on the 2nd of December 2016 (Friday)
  2. The course will commence on 4th February 2017 (Saturday).
  3. Participants are strongly advised to apply at least 2 months in advance.
  4. Applications received after the deadline will be considered based on space availability.
  5. Participants will be notified once they have been offered a place in this program


The methodology used will be a blended learning model. This means that over the course of 10 modules, you will follow online learning through an e-learning platform. Content is delivered through invigorating and useful videos. This is then followed by interactive classroom discussions, where each online topic is reviewed in greater detail. This flips the classroom and reverses the traditional learning environment. Do note that classes will be held every Saturday in HEG, Fribourg.

Course Structure and Outcomes:

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Course Structure:

HEG CAS Business Analytics for Managers is a customised educational program that includes aspects of online learning, in-class teaching and lab-based sessions. The 10-week program is structured as such:

Course Outcomes:

  • Validate sources of real data and apply data scrubbing/ data simplifying tools to enhance data quality.
  • Observe data patterns and analytical inferences and understand its influence towards understanding the business.
  • Understand the use of common analytical tools by industry players and how leading firms have leveraged on analytics to sustain competitive advantage.
  • Understand probability concepts, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, variances and its application to risk management within the business.
  • Formulate business models utilizing quantitative methods such as spread sheets and graphical methods.
  • Select appropriate analytic tools for specific managerial issues and gain proficiency in several analytics and big data tools.
  • Interpret, evaluate and communicate the results of modelling, validity of underlying assumptions, sensitivity analyses and forecast preparation.
  • Synthesise analytics solutions to common and moderately complex business problems.

Course Skills

  • Advanced Math, Classical Statistics, Bayesian/Monte-Carlo Statistics, Spatial Statistics, Temporal Statistics.
  • Algorithms, Optimization, Simulation.
  • Graphical Models, Visualisation.
  • Data Manipulation, Structured Data, Unstructured Data, Systems Administration.
  • Big and Distributed Data.
  • Understand technology and business analytic tools.


Satyadeep Rajan

satyaSatya as founder of the Swiss Learning Exchange (SLX), leverages upon his vast global network of academics, government and thought leaders, business practitioners and entrepreneurs to develop online-learning tools which are rolled out in universities throughout Switzerland. SLX seeks to cultivate an authentic learning experience through its online platform causing a tangible transformation in the education landscape.
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