Program Offerings

SLX currently offer programs in the following areas

Mastering Entrepreneurship
SLX believes strongly in the value and potential for innovation and entrepreneurship as the drivers of future economic growth. In keeping with this focus, SLX’s has partnered a leading Swiss academic institution that has strong competencies in these areas to offer its students:

Masters Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A 2-year part time course with classes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings conducted in English.

For students that meet the requirements, SLX has worked closely with the school to develop a Boot Camp delivered at its Learning Centers in India.

Partner School: School of Management, Fribourg.

Mastering Global Business

Doing Business In Switzerland
Switzerland stands an an island of prosperity and stability in Europe continuing to hold the top slot in Global competitiveness and innovation. The country is host to over 15 Fortune 500 firms while boasting of a small to mid sized business sector with many of them rising to No.1 in their respective niches. From precision engineering to boring the world’s longest tunnel the country has a strong base in engineering and technology. Unemployment is practically negligible and the country if not able to keep up with the talent needs of its growing industries especially in the area of Information Technology. Yet, Switzerland is a conservative culture. How does one plan to enter a developed market with high costs of market entry and even higher costs of failure? How conducive is the political environment and what are the risks? This course will provide deep insights into opportunities in sectors that are driving Switzerland’s economic growth, as well as the social and political forces shaping the dynamic nation.

Doing Business In India
India is slotted to be the world’s fastest growing large economy in 2015, growing marginally faster than China. Swiss firms have long established business ties with India in traditional industry. But as India writes a new chapter in her history, the country is now a global hotspot for innovation with a fast-growing venture ecosystem that rivals those around the globe. How can Swiss and other European students make the most of this opportunity? Who are the new ‘moguls’in this version of the wild East? This course, designed by those who are building India’s new economy ‘Unicorns’will give students a sound understanding of this complex country and take them from corporate boardrooms to start-up incubators across the length and breadth of this emerging super power.

Partner Schools: School of Management, Fribourg

Mastering Applied Analytics
Certificate Program in Sports Analytics
History was made when IBM’s supercomputer, first the Big Blue and then Watson vanquished humans at sports which were considered symbolic of ‘human intelligence’. It comes as no surprise that even as the world prepares itself for the coming onslaught of sensors and actuators connected to the Internet, a silent revolution has been taking place in the training rooms of top sporting clubs across the world. Armed with millions of data points for each game, data analytics is now transforming sporting strategy into one driven as much by machine intelligence as it is by humans. What will this mean for sportspersons and sporting clubs? Who will be the winners and losers? Will man and machine merge to create a new genre of sports? SLX talks to the world’s foremost experts to bring to you answers to these and many other questions that threaten to disrupt the sporting industry.

Partner Schools: School of Management, Fribourg

Softskills Boot Camps
In today’s business environment, competitors are able to replicate any product or service experience at an unprecedented pace driven by an explosion in digital communications. Businesses can only sustain and thrive when there is a strong relationship of ‘trust’between the organization and its stakeholders. Interpersonal skills, therefore take center stage with the ability to adapt to different cultures and languages are key to developing this trust.

The SLX Boot Camp provides its international students the right skills to not only to cope but also to succeed and thrive in their new environment.
Swiss Boot Camp
Swiss culture, with its focus on punctuality and quality is globally acclaimed. However, several international students find it very hard to adapt to this. This is one of many challenges faced by students, and the SLX Boot Camp aims to sensitize prospective students and train them in various aspects of Swiss life before they arrive in the country.

India Boot Camp
For Swiss and other European students traveling to India for a course or a semester can be a daunting task. Known perhaps to most as the country of spices and Yoga, India’s soft power has long shaped human history. The country’s renaissance has created a vibrant mix of old and new with societal rules being rewritten everyday. From being safe in India’s crowded cities to
understanding the many complex layers of Indian society the SLX India Boot Camp will prepare you to enjoy the experience.